Yesterday was a pretty active day for me, but I made it home just in time to catch "The Haves and Have Nots" on Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network.  While watching the show, during a commercial break, I happened to catch what appeared to be cameras following Lindsay Lohan. I kinda assumed she was probably letting Iyanla fix her life. Boy was I wrong!

Apparently, the OWN Network is airing a documentary surrounding the life of Lindsay. Get the full story here.

While I'm not surprised that Oprah is giving the real-life look into Lindsay's daily life, I AM kinda shocked that it doesn't seem to involve Lindsay getting therapy. We all know Oprah is big on helping people get their lives in order.  According to the OWN website, Lindsay  "gives a first glimpse of actress Lindsay Lohan as she returns to New  York City and reunites with friends and  family. As Lindsay works to stay on  track amid the demands (and pitfalls) of  fame, she opens up as never  before."
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I have to believe the saying that misery loves company. Most of us attribute our daily issues to lack of income.  It's quite interesting to see those who have all the money they need living jacked up lives. Will you be watching?