Everybody has a guilty pleasure.  For some people, it's a particular brand and flavor of ice cream.  For others, it's just food period.  Some people drink. Others smoke.  Some get caught up in reality television and soap operas.  Me?  I REGULARLY watch Maury.

Maury is quite entertaining to me sometimes. In recent years, his name has become almost synonymous with paternity testing. Of course, there are times when a show's theme is bad children, the ugly duckling turns into the beautiful swan, or people removing the "secret" from a crush.

However, the shows where a woman is said to have been involved with two brothers and is unsure which is the father, a man confesses that he's smashing his girlfriend's daughter, or the mothers that have come to the show over 10 times in search of their children's fathers ALWAYS carry the most entertainment value because they make you wonder, "Can this be real?"

I've asked myself that very question with almost every episode. I remember when it was discovered that "The Jerry Springer Show" wasn't real. Just being honest, the show has always been a bit over the top. So, finding out that it wasn't real wasn't a huge surprise. And now, it seems as if the show's actors are the worst of the worst.  I would say that Maury's guests are actors as well, but some of them seem to be pretty convincing. In addition, I have a hard time believing people would exploit their children if they aren't really seeking help.

Therefore, I am on a quest to find a person who has appeared on the show.  If you know of a person that has appeared on "Maury," contact me.  If you know of a person that knows a person who has appeared on the show, let me know. I really just want to know what would cause a person to call the show and expose the entire world to his/her personal life.  Can you do that for me?  Share this article as much as possible.  Together, let's find someone who has appeared on "Maury."

These are some of the episodes that make me question the show's authenticity: