It looks like we're in for a few more rainy (and warmer) days this week. This has already been a relatively warm January so far, which is good in a way, I guess.  I'll take the rain over snow any day, although the clashing of cold and warm air usually puts us in jeopardy for tornadic activity.

When people relocate to different areas of the country, they often take that region's weather into consideration, and it seems that the process is more like choosing the more tolerable of several evils. On one coast, earthquakes are more common.  On the other, significantly more hurricanes. The far north gets extremely cold weather, but in the deep south, we are on constant tornado watch.

I've lived in Chicago and still visit there quite often, and while the artistic and cultural components of the city make it a fun and educational place to live, those brutal winters and summer heat waves.... *sigh*  I think for now, I'll just stick to my weather radio, flashlights, snacks, and storm shelter.