In my family, I'm the person always selected to plan trips and group vacations.  Since it's been two years since my last trip to Chicago, I am planning a trip this summer.

While on the phone with my dad, he mentioned going to Six Flags Great America!  Anybody that has ever been there knows it takes 2 days to cover the entire park. So, my struggle became deciding between going to the park for two days or cramming as much as I can into one.  It came down to doing a price comparison. So, I went online to find out how much more I would pay for a two-day pass.

I discovered that the price for a one-day visit is $64.99 for me and $44.99 for my daughter. However, I could get a season pass for $71.99 each. So, that's $110 (roughly) for one day or $144 for two. Still a bit of a decision to make, right?  WRONG! How about I discovered that if I purchase a season pass for one park, it can be used at 13 other Six Flags parks, including Six Flags over Georgia!

Sooooo, the cheapskate in me said, "Hmmm..... I think the prices for season passes in Georgia might be lower, if my memory serves me correctly."  I decided to check. Lo and behold (yeah, I'm a church girl), season tickets in Atlanta are $55 (if you have at least 4 people, and even lower if you have over 10)!  That means I can roll one weekend and enjoy a day at the theme park for the amount I would have paid for ONE day in Chicago but then go in Chicago and not have to pay ANYTHING!!!!

I'm so glad I'm good in math. I guess I'll be going to Atlanta next month (as if I wasn't already going anyway).  And if ANYBODY needs me to help plan a getaway on a budget, you know where to find me.