Remember it was reported that George Zimmerman had signed up for a celebrity boxing match? Well, guess who'd like to fight him.

Apparently, rappers DMX and The Game have made their bids to fight the over-zealous neighborhood watchman.

While I think The Game may be able to bring some "street" into the ring and make it a fight worth watching, I can't help but think that DMX might be a bit more entertaining, as there's never really a way to tell what's coming from a psychopath.

Then again, would it make us feel better if someone a little closer to home took him down? Deontay Wilder WOULD qualify as a celebrity after winning the Bronze medal in the Olympics, right?  If Zimmerman was being beaten so badly by a teen that he had to shoot him, what would make him sign up for a boxing match? Pure insanity.

What local or national/international celebrity would you like to see in the ring with George Zimmerman?