With the increasing popularity of social media, we've all seen a video or pictures that made us ask, "Why was that even recorded/taken, none the less shared?"

The sharing of some videos has made "Internet sensations" and short-term celebrities out of participants in some of the most unfortunate cases, i.e. Sweet Brown, Sharkeisha, or (the favorite of my co-worker Kimberly Madison's) Latonja Smith.

We've seen parents discipline their children, we've seen children who needed disciplining, fights, inappropriate actions at funerals, and crimes.  Of course there are some positive videos and images circulating as well, but it seems that the negative is shared more frequently.

With that being said, how much is too much for social media?  Should there be some guidelines on what should or shouldn't be shared?  Do we as a society share negativity because we find it amusing, or are we just baffled that such material exists and want to show others?  Does mainstream society's view of Blacks in America come primarily from the media? If so, why do we continue to record and share the most undesired views, amid a medium which we control?