Every now and then, (hopefully) we all take a trip down memory lane and either relive fond events or remember things that we wish we had done differently. I can think of at least three things I wish I had done differently while in high school.

1.  I wish I had paid attention in Spanish class.  The crazy thing is that I also took some Spanish classes in college. Ask me how much I remember. "Mi nombre es Jade." Yep, that's all I got!

2.  I wish I had taken home economics.  My parents taught us about budgeting money and getting the best value for the dollar from a very young age. So, the economics part isn't that big of an issue.  I just wish I had learned to sew! I have a VERY creative mind, and it frustrates me to know how to get the look I want but know that it's all "MacGuyver'ed" all the way. (I wanted to use a more "urban" term, but since the n-word is not politically correct....)\

3.  I wish I had taken a wood shop class. For whatever reason, it just wasn't appealing to me back then. Now, as a home owner, I see some things that I wish I could make myself, but I have no idea how to use anything more advanced than a drill and a screwdriver.  If I knew how to work a saw and a sander, you're talking about somebody who would have all kinds of cabinets and decorative storage....

Of course, there are alternatives to each of these (find a Spanish-speaking person that also understands English, BUY the items I want to sew, and BUY the things I want built), but where's the fun in that? I think I'm going to search for classes I can take in each for these.

Are there any things you wish you had done differently?  If so, is there a way to fix it? What are you going to do about it?