What's going on?

The T-Shirt Bar to Open in Tuscaloosa
In recent years, we've seen various frozen yogurt bars emerge. What makes most of them so popular is the ability to customize the product and pay accordingly. Well, now there's a t-shirt shop in town that does the same.
The T-Shirt Bar (set to open Saturday, June 23), is NOT your average, r…
What’s Happening in Tuscaloosa: Renaissance Center
One of Tuscaloosa's most vocal residents goes by the name of Derrick Crummie.  So, it's no surprise that he is half of a team that has opened a business that encourages expression... Artistic expression, that is!
The Renaissance Center is described as a cultural arts lounge and arcade.…
Nothing Brings Children Together Like Coloring
In a quick weekend road trip, I discovered my daughter's coloring book inside my bag. During a stop at the dollar store, I grabbed some markers. I knew this would keep her occupied while the adults conversed.
When we got to my cousin's house...