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In Alabama, The Police Can Do What??
Some of the Alabama laws are unbelievable!  Are the laws in Alabama to protect the citizens?  It doesn't seem like it!
So, a girl in Brooklyn,18-year-old named Anna  alleged that NYPD officers handcuffed her and took turns raping her in the back of a moving van on …
Happy 31st Birthday to Michael B. Jordan!
I remember when he played Jack Montgomery's son on All My Children, Michael B. Jordan is all grown up now!  Happy Birthday!
Here's other celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today!
Major Harris*
Camille Winbush  28
Mia Farrow  73
Joe Pesci  75
Local celebrities celebrating birthdays today are…
Happy 29th Birthday Julio Jones!
Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver, formerly of the  Alabama Crimson Tide, Juullliioooo Jones is celebrating his birthday today!  
Other celebrities celebrating birthdays today are:
Klay Thompson  28
pooch Hall  41
Nick Nolte 77
Big Show
Gary Coleman*
Kimbo Slice*
Here are local celebrities that are celebrat…
Who are the best Tax Preparers in Tuscaloosa?
Where do you go to get your taxes done?
As a lot of you know, I'm fairly new to town and with it being tax time, I need to find someone to do my taxes!
I'm curious, where do you go?  Do you use the traditional ones like H&R Block? Jackson Hewi...
Remembering Natalie Cole On Her Birthday..
On New Year Eve, 2015, we lost this talented and beautiful 7 time Grammy winner, and the daughter of Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole.
Here's other National Celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today as well!
Bob M...
WTUG Remembers Trayvon Martin on his birthday…
Travon Martin would have been 23 today...may he continue to R.I.P.
Here are celebrities celebrating birthdays today!
Bobby Brown  49
Kevin Gates  32
Hank Aaron  84
Michael Sheen  49
Terrence Ross  27
Kelvin Benjamin  27
Here are our local cel…
McDonald’s Fries Chemical May Cure Baldness, Study Says
Men, are you going bald or afraid of going bald???  Eat some McDonald's fries!  
According to MSN.COM Japanese scientists may have discovered a cure for baldness and it lies within a chemical used to make McDonald’s fries.
No surprise...
Dennis Edwards Dead at 74
Dennis Edwards Dead at 74
Breaking: Dennis Edwards, former lead singer of The Temptations has died in Chicago - per family. He crooned the world over with “Cloud Nine" - “I Can't Get Next to You" & “Papa Was a Rollin' Stone.&CloseCurly…
Happy 41st Birthday Kerry Washington!
Olivia Pope AKA Kerry Washington is celebrating birthday 41 today! 
Here are other celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today:
Justin Timberlake  37
April Lee Hernandez  38
Minnie Driver  48
Jackie Robinson*
Here are our local celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today as well:  
Win Tickets to See Calvin Richardson at Bar 17, Feb 13!
Fellas, you wanna make good to your lady for Valentines Day? We got the concert!
Set your calendar, ladies! Calvin Richardson will be in Tuscaloosa for the first time this year!  Tuesday, February 13th for a Valentines Day Concert at Bar 17, formerly The Playhouse!  This e.…
The Most Notorious person from each County in Alabama
Have you ever wondered who the most notorious person was (is) in Your county?
Al.com put out a list today of 67 notorious criminals from each county in Alabama.  Are you curious to see who was the most notorious in your county?
In Tuscaloosa, ...
The Battle Of the Beers!
Who you wit?!  Natural Light Or Budweiser? 
Last week  told you about some of the commercials that are going to be played during the "Big NFL Championship Game".
One commercial that really caught my attention what the Natural Light commercial.&nb…
The Big Game or The Commercials?
$40,000 in College Dept Relief for 25 people!!
So the Big Game is next weekend against the Patriots and Eagels!  I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the game or the commercials!
The average cost for a 30-second commercial during the Big Game is more t…
Happy 60th Birthday Anita Baker!
Looking Fab at 60!  Happy birthday top Grammy award winning  Anita Baker!
Here are other celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today!
Vance Carter  41
Ellen DeGeneres  60
Christoper Massey  28
Kirk Franlin  48
Tye Tribbett  42
Here are our loc…
Happy 36th Birthday Alicia Keys!
Alicia Augello Cook AKA Alicia Keys is 36 today!
Here are other celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today!
Jennifer Lewis  60
Patrick Willis  32
Etta James*
Here are our local celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today as well!
Is Your Child’s School Failing? Here’s the list!
I have some good news and I have some bad news! 
I have a list of 24 schools that left the Alabama failing list!!  However, I have a list of 24 Alabama schools that was added on to the list!
According to AL.COM the released on Wednesday. Th...
Montgomery, AL held a vigil for….wait for it..
Montgomery, AL believes in Rallying behind things that are most important to them! 
On Sunday, about 100 people gathered in Montgomery, Alabama to hold a candlelight vigil or a Taco Bell that burned down the week before. The grou...
WTUG Remembers Afeni Shakur On Her Birthday..
Remembering Tupac's Mom On What Would Have Been Her 701th Birthday
Other celebrities that are celebrating birthdays today are:
DJ Jazzy Jeff  53
Ray Rice  31
Silento  20
Here are my local celebrities that are celebrating birthdays as well:
Brielle Den…
Kahlia Leo gives Jade Nicole the “Tea” in Tuscaloosa!
If you happened to catch the Midday Vibe today, you'll notice that Jade Nicole and I swapped shifts today!
Well today on the show Jade spoke to Kahlia Leo, and Kahlia gave Jade the "Titletown Tea"!  Basically, what's going on in Tuscaloosa, in her own way!  L...
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Look Who's Hiring in Tuscaloosa and surrounding Areas!