I read recently about a parrish in Louisiana where wearing your pants sagging could result in a fine.

sagging pants wearer's beware

I must applaud the city council of that parrish. They have come under some opposition saying that it violates freedom of expression. That is B.S.(not bachelor of science) young men today do it as a fashion statement, but that would not be the statement I would want to make. I learned years (at least 20-25) ago,wearing your pants sagging of your behind like that was a signal for men in prison that wanted to have sex. Now is that the 'Fashion Statement' young men now are trying to make? They worry about being masculine and cool but is it really 'cool' when you go around with your pants pockets around your knees? If you were in jail...(and liked that) it might be cool. For real fellas get your pants up around your waist and look respectable and maybe one day you will get respected.