Here’s the thing: I’m not a  hardcore Coke person. So the fact that someone decided to dump a bottle down a toilet to demonstrate how it could be used as a lime and stain cleaner does nothing to bother me.

I just take it as further proof of why I dont drink Coke.The next time you try to clean the bathroom and don’t happen to have a regular chemical toilet cleaner on hand, a good ol’ can of Coke will do just as well.

Apparently the phosphoric acid in the carbonated caramel concoction is strong enough to break down all the lime scum and buildup leftover from all your recent visits to the porcelain throne, according to wikiHow.

Of course, there’s the tiny issue of all the sugar and stickiness forming an optimal bacteria breeding ground, but as long as you don’t let the Coke sit there forever, these instructions should still be perfectly applicable, especially when your mom has threatened to kick you out for the hundredth and last time and you’re just too lazy or broke to pick up some Lysol from the store.