Teen Accused Of Posing As A Doctor In Florida
This morning I heard this story about an 18 year old kid practicing medicine in Florida without a license. This is scary!
Look at the picture of this young man. Really does he look old enough to be a doctor to you? One look at him should have been enough to if nothing else for me to question his legi…
Tuscaloosa Homeowner Helps Police Catch A Burglar
This homeowner was very brave. There is no way I would have done this. According when a Tuscaloosa homeowner arrived at home Friday he noticed a strange vehicle in his driveway. Now at this point I would have called the police. There is no way I would have done what he does next...
Shooting In Greene County Leaves One Person Dead
Authorities say a shooting in Greene County at Greenetrack left two critically and injured one person dead. The sheriff's office said of the two injured victims only one was shot. They didn't say how the other victim was injured.
Greenetrack said, one of their security guards was injured wh…

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