minimum wages

Birmingham Alabama Raises Minimum Wage
I wish the people who are against minimum wage had to live on minimum wage for a month. Or even try living on the proposed increased minimum wage.
The Birmingham City Council voted to raise minimum wage Tuesday.  And as usual there’s opposition against minimum wage...
Lets Raise The Minimum Wage In Alabama
I learn something new every day.  I just learned that Alabama is one of only states in the country that hasn’t set its own minimum wage.
What makes the federal government think that $7.25 an hour is a living wage anyway.  Federal employees don’t make minimum …
Should Minimum Wage Be $22.00 An Hour?
Minimum wage would be $22.00 an hour if it were left up to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. The Senator made a case for increasing the minimum wage last week during a Senate Committee on Health, Labor and Pensions hearing.