Have A Safe And Funfilled Labor Day Weekend! [VIDEO]
Most holiday accidents and mishaps are avoidable with a little precaution.  Grilling, kids running around, open gates at swimming pools, and drinking are the perfect recipe for disaster.
Let’s make sure you, your family and friends all enjoy the holiday weekend...
Have A Safe And Fun Filled 4th Of July Weekend
The chicken and the ribs are marinating in that special marinade that you purchased at the grocery store but made yourself.  Independence Day is the day you spend a lot of time outside, grilling, drinking and shooting fireworks.
Independence Day can also be dangerous...
Child Safety Tip for Gameday
The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office shared a great safety tip on it's facebook page yesterday.
Make sure on each game day that you gather you kids up and take a picture on your phone that day to have just in case something were to happen to your child...