Today, our studios are wide open with staff, volunteers, families, and friends who are helping us to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which treats terminally ill children and researches the ailments to find better treatments and possible cures.

At WTUG, we've been doing this for 9 nine years!  It wasn't until I became a parent that I realized the full magnitude of what I am doing.  When we first began, I wanted to help raise money because I felt sorry for the children and sympathized with the parents.  Now, I want to help because I have a desire to rejoice with the children and because I am more able to empathize with the parents.

So, today, I came to work with great expectation and excitement about helping to save lives.  I even printed a "Superman/woman S," cut it out, and taped it onto my chest because I AM a super woman.  I don't have to physically fight an enemy, but I use the weapons of faith, prayer, my voice, and my finances to defeat an enemy that effects us all: illness.

I'd determined within myself that I will not cry today because the children at St. Jude are receiving the best care, they're ministered to, they accept Christ, and they go on to minister to others later in life OR they peacefully go to sit at Our Father's feet. Well, our St. Jude rep kinda destroyed my plans today.  He emailed me the "No More Chemo" party song.  I looked up "No More Chemo" on YouTube and was actually able to view a party, and of course, that brought me to tears.  So, yes, I am crying.  But this time, it's tears of joy. Watch the link. Then, put your fingers to use. (800) 303-1135.