Father’s Day is just around the corner and there are just some things that your Father doesn’t want for Father’s Day.

I’m giving you ten things that your dad does not want for Father’s Day.

  • A neck tie (I think every dad in the world gets one of these every Father’s Day! If you have more than one kid you will get a neck tie for Father’s Day)
  • A six pack of socks (Do you know how happy it’s makes your dad to know he’s worth a six pack of socks.)
  • Underwear (This is a real symbol of love. Every dad I know is waiting for Father’s Day just to get new underwear)
  • Old Spice Soap On A Rope ( I’m not sure they still sell this one, but if they do, please don’t give this to you dad this Father’s Day
  • Handkerchief (This is a real tear jerker! I’m sure dad will love you for this one)
  • Pajamas (Just don’t do this one, please)
  • Greatest Dad t-shirt (Wow dad is so great all he deserves is a T-shirt to tell him how great he is.)
  • Greatest Dad Coffee Mug (Dad really needs something else to put on his desk)
  • Wallet (What makes this such a bad present is there is never any money in it)
  • Greatest Dad Baseball Cap (Something else that he will never use.)                                                                                                                                                                       Make you Father happy this Father's Day and don't give him any of the above, even if he needs it.