Okay, unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've heard at least a bit of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'O's story of losing his "girlfriend" and grandmother on the same day but still going on to play football. In fact, the "girlfriend's" funeral was supposedly held on the same day of a game, after which the game ball was dedicated to her.

Now, this story was still being told even as the Fighting Irish prepared to be whooped by-- Oops!  I mean as they were preparing to play the Crimson Tide. (sidebar: Roll Tide!)  The crazy thing is that CNN is now reporting that Te'O supposedly told his coaches that he'd been duped way back in December. HUH?  Yep. You read right. They all knew this before heading to Miami but kept it under wraps until now.

Now, if you ask me, AND THIS IS NOT FACTUAL INFORMATION, I think the school created the fake girlfriend and killed her off for sensationalism.  I think they wanted it to appear that this great football player was some sort of super human that could put his broken heart aside and play to win, which was pretty much the deal.... UNLESS there was an agreement between Te'O and the school to conjure up this "girlfriend," he knew she wasn't real, and faked all of those emotions.

I mean, seriously... You have a school as prestigious as Notre Dame, a star football player, and he falls in love with someone he met online but never face-to-face? I'm not buying it. There had to be at least a few golddiggers women on campus that would've done anything they could to please him, eyeing a possible NFL-wife position.  But he chooses an online interest? Yeah, okay.

All of this is mere speculation on my part. HOWEVER,  what I DO know-- and yes, this IS factual information --is that Notre Dame had no business being No. 1 (Roll Tide!), Manti Te'O could have had an authentic beautiful woman cheering for him in the stands [Just ask A.J. McCarron! (Roll Tide!)], and whether he was catfished or was in on the plot, the luck of the Irish definitely isn't working for Te'O, as his level of intelligence is now very much questionable.

Oh!  Let me not forget.... Roll Tide!