I was just looking at the list of the 9 Wacky People Who Show Up for Thanksgiving Dinner, and I laughed all the way through it!

What makes it so funny is that it's absolutely TRUE!!!

As much as I love my family, and we're all close, I hated the fact that school closed for Thanksgiving.  While I never actually ate in the cafeteria, I enjoyed the freedom of having my own space and not having household chores. So, when I went home for Thanksgiving (and I usually took home someone who was from out-of-state and wouldn't be able to go home), I enjoyed myself; but I looked forward to the day that I was on my own again, even if that came with the space as small as a dorm room.

It's not uncommon for the men to eat and reach for the remote, looking for ANY football game. I have an uncle that I ONLY see on holidays and Facebook; and while I have suspicions about where he MIGHT live, I don't really know. I do have one female cousin that knows EVERYBODY'S business-- local and long-distance.  If you're family, she knows!  I have another aunt that used to carry aluminum foil wherever she went, but I think she's upgraded to carry-out trays. The bad news bringer is actually the person and the fact that she's arrived. That's the bad news. While "the kid" resembles my daughter (LOL), she's really not like this one.  Actually, none of the children in my family are. They're pretty good kids that eat their food and then go to play with each other.  And the woman that brings the dish no one likes.... Well, that's usually not a family member, either.  That's most often a person who was invited that felt the need to bring something, but since we don't know her and how clean she is.... *shrugs*

Read the article, and see if it relates to your family. If it does, please share it and bring them a little holiday cheer, too!