Participants in Alabama Legion Boys State have been working with PARA and TDOT on various projects; and at 3:00 this afternoon, they, in partnership with the University of Alabama and the City of Tuscaloosa, will have a service project unveiling ceremony at the Palmore  Park bathhouse.

In response to concerns about jail overcrowding, state officials are considering a proposal to move some female inmates into a the Jefferson County jail in Bessemer, which closed in 2009 because of budget constraints.

Lawyers in the George Zimmerman trial are having a tough time selecting a jury. So far, 75 people have been disqualified.

Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowler Jason Peters was arrested in Louisiana yesterday for allegedly drag racing and trying to flee from police.

Kanye West says he's staying away from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" because of the backlash he got after he first appeared on the show.

Tuesday, David Bronner, head of the state's pension program for public employees, addressed the Tuscaloosa Rotary Club, where he referred to the 14 governors who have refused to accept federal funding as the "14 idiots across America," which happens to include Governor Bentley.

Yesterday, Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer announced his plans to seek a second term.

New data suggests that the foreclosure rate is going up as lenders seized 11 percent more homes in May than in April and initiated the foreclosure countdown clock on many others.

Census figures show that ethnic minority children now make up about half of the under 5 population in the U.S, a change fueled by immigration and high rates of birth, particularly among Hispanics.

Yesterday, an Arkansas man was involved in a shoot-out with police after he was tased and pulled out a gun and pointed it in the direction of the officers. The police then fired seven shots at him, all of them missing, and later discovered that the man's gun was a plastic toy.