This evening, Campus Life will host Crud Wars at Snow Hinton Park, beginning at 7. This free event is geared towards high school students. Bring your teens  for a night of fun, messy games.

Allegations of inmate abuse at Alabama's female prison and an inmate being beated to death at a male prison have pointed to a lack of security cameras in state prisons, which the Legislature has sought to amend by approving funding for more cameras at Tutwiler, but one legislator says more are needed statewide.

Opening statements in the murder trial of George Zimmerman will begin today. Jurors will be sequestered, which both sides say is necessary to decrease jurors' exposure to outside influences.

Birmingham will host tryouts  for the Women's Indoor Football League. With hopes of filling the Birmingham, Montgomery, and Atlanta rosters, the June 30th tryouts will be similar to an NFL combine and will include passing drills, a 40-year dash, three-cone drills and broad jumps.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, 33-year-old Tavares Horton appeared before Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge Chuck Malone Thursday and pleaded guilty to murdering 35-year-old Vincent Hunter, whose burned body was left in a McDonald's parking lot. Horton will be eligible for parole after serving 15 years and will receive credit for time served.

Police in south Alabama are investigating the deaths of Steve and Eric Lankford. The couple's home was set on fire Friday night after they were killed, likely to conceal evidence.

Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition for a second straight day.

Secret leaker Edward Snowden is expected to leave Moscow for Cuba today, although he's waiting for Ecuador to decide on his request for asylum.

Today, the Senate is set to hold a key test vote on a border security amendment to the immigration overhaul.

CNN reports that daredevil Nik Wallenda has crossed the Grand Canyon on a 2-inch metal cable with no safety gear in place.