The City of Tuscaloosa is warning property owners they face penalties if they don't clean up land left vacant after the April 2011 tornado, which destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses that haven't been rebuilt, and weedy, vacant lots are scattered all over town.

Today, animal welfare advocates plan to give details on a massive, multi-state dog-fighting raid.

Alabama's first legal moonshine distillery has opened in Bullock County. High Ridge Spirits is now bottling Stills Crossroads 'Shine.

The sentencing phase of Major Nidal Hasan will begin today. The Army psychiatrist, who was convicted Friday of the 2009 deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, faces the death penalty or life in prison.

Lawyers have settled the sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against celebrity cook Paula Deen and her brother.

Miley Cyrus is said to have had the most memorable moment at the MTV Video Music Awards last night, but memorable doesn't necessarily mean good.