Wednesday, September 25, Tuscaloosa City Schools will dismiss students early between 11:30 am and 12:30pm to conduct professional development training for teachers. Parents of children normally participating in extended day should check with their child's principal for extended day details.

After making national headlines for not allowing black pledges, the Crimson White reports that each sosority at the University of Alabama will reopen their bidding process. UA President Judy Bonner says efforts are being made to remove any real or perceived barriers.

Streets and bridges around the Washington Navy Yard have reopened after yesterday's deadly shooting rampage in which 34-year-old former Navy reverist Aaron Alexis killed 12 people before he was slain. Investigators aren't sure of his motive.

Fox Sports reports that Jerry Seinfeld will join the broadcast crew of the New York Mets game tonight.

According to, the names of 40 people arrested in a roundup of people facing charges for heroin trafficking have been released.One Tuscaloosa man is named, and heroin overdoses are said to have claimed the lives of two Tuscaloosa men in the last year.

State attorneys want a judge to dismiss a legal challenge to the Alabama Accountability Act. The Southern Poverty Law Center says that some rural students don't have schools available for transfer.

Federal prosecutors in Montgomery are asking a judge to prevent defendants in a multi-state dog fighting investigation from learning where their pit bulls are being held.

Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is trying to get his child molestation conviction overturned, saying his legal team didn't get enough time to prepare for his trial, along with other issues.