The First Class Pre-K Interventioin Grant will be awarded by the Alabama Office of School Readiness. This will support the schools' pre-K program.

On October 4, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that non-custodial parents should no longer be legally required to help pay for their child's college expenses.

Some government observers say it might take a stock market reaction to jolt Senate leaders into some agreement to raise the debt limit and tackle the partial government shutdown.

A new poll finds that older Americans are becoming resigned to the idea that retirement plans may have to change thanks to the effects of the recession on home values and investments.

MSN reports that former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka says the biggest mistake he ever made was his decision not to run for the U.S. Senate in 2004. He would have been now-President Obama's opponent.

University of Alabama Senior Benjamin Flax is pursuing a research project on the school's involvement in slavery. He says it's important to remember and understand the school's link to the slave trade and not to avoid it because it's an uncomfortable subject.

Republican State Representative Steve Hurst is proposing a bill for the 2014 legislative session for convicted child predators over the age of 21 whose victims were 12 or younger to be surgically castrated before being released from prison.

The leader of the Afghan Taliban says his followers will keep fighting if Kabul signs a security deal with the United States to allow some American troops to remain in the country after 2014.

Police in London have released a computer-generated image of a new suspect in the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann in Portugal six years ago. The image was based on information from separate witnesses who spotted a man in the Portuguese resort the day the 3-year-old disappeared.