Yesterday, Kelly Horwitz filed a memorandum in Tuscaloosa Circuit Court, naming Greek organizations that offered incentives to students in exchange for votes. A lawyer for Cason Kirby, winner of the school board District 4 seat, said he would be filing a response in the circuit court yesterday evening.

According to the Tuscaloosa News, city officials have been working for six months to gain approval from the Alabama Department of Transportation to install red-light cameras at five intersections monitored by the state. City Engineer David Griffin is set to meet with state engineers on Friday.

Alabama Department of Public Health officials say they're looking into at least 10 cases of Legionella pneumonia in northwestern Alabama. The infection is said to be contracted when someone inhales a mist or vapor containing the bacteria.

There's still uncertainty amid optimism about an emerging deal between Senate leaders on raising the debt limit and ending the partial government shutdown. Economists warn that failure could have serious economic consequences.

Someone has paid over $245,000 for a chewed piece of gum from the mouth of Gene Simmons.