On Saturday, November 16, television's Judge Glenda Hatchett will speak at a Tuscaloosa City Schools' Parents+ series event, where she will discuss issues parents across the country are facing. The event will take place in the Central High School gymnasium at 1pm.

PARA is asking for upgrades to enhance recreational fields and amenities at Bowers and Sokol Parks. A previous massive plan was approved by the City Council numerous times but never passed in the County Commission.

Yesterday, the state and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a proposed settlement that would end a federal lawsuit over our illegal immigration law, which has mostly been gutted by court rulings.

Social Security recipients are awating the official declaration of how much more they'll get next year as a cost-of-living adjustment, which isn't expected to be much. A government measure of inflation is to be released today.

Members of the Energy and Commerce Committee will grill Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius over the health care enrollment website. Republicans are calling for Sebelius to step down or be fired.

Tonight, the Red Sox will have their chance to win the World Series on their home field, which hasn't been done since Babe Ruth was on the team in 1918.