Tomorrow at 6pm, Central High School will host a meeting to inform parents about their plans to divide into six academies designed to create small learning communities within the school. For more information, call the school at 759-3720.

The National Weather Service says an arctic air mass is expected to move into the state today, bringing frigid temperatures, sleet, and snow to areas of central Alabama.

According to a survey by the National Association for Business Economics, forty percent of participating businesses say they saw stronger sales in the final months of last year, and they expect to raise prices by 5 percent this year. However, only 37 percent expect to hire in the next six months.

The cost of a first-class postage stamp has increased 3 cents and is now 49 cents.

Daft Punk and collaborator Pharrell Williams won four awards in the Grammys, including top honors album and record of the year.

A meeting will be held at the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education central office at 1pm on Feb. 3 to provide attendees up-to-date details about the proposed health center to be built at the Alberta School of Performing Arts. The proposal is said to have been postponed at least three times.

Ingalls Shipbuilding has given a portion of $107,000 to schools in Alabma for science, engineering, and math projects. The shipbuilder is especially interested in students being able to read by third grade and in rich STEM-related coursework in higher grades.

The National Institutes of Health is conducting a study of flu vaccines, in which up to 100 adults will be infected with the virus on purpose.

A data analysis has found that the face of food stamp recipients is changing. For the first time, working-age people, not children and the elderly, make up the majority in U.S. househods that rely on food stamps.