Today marks the one-year anniversary in the unsolved murder of Kate Ragsdale, and according to the Tuscaloosa News, advancements in forensic testing could bring authorities closer to picking her killer from a short list of suspects.

This legislative session is seeing a number of school prayer and religious expression bills, which are said to be an effort to push back efforts to squash all vestiges of religion from the public square. However, opponents say the bills are election-year pandering and are neither necessary nor constitutional.

Today, the nation's governors come calling at the White House as President Obama seeks allies for job creation and other efforts. Republican governors are planning to push reducing federal regulations and delaying key parts of the health care proposal.

Yesterday, Jason Collins signed with the Brooklyn Nets and took the court at Staples Center, becoming the first openly gay player to be signed by an NBA team.

At least three candidates for governor, including Fayette businessman Kevin Bass are proposing a state lottery, which some believe would help to pay for college scholarships. To create a lottery, the Legislature must pass a constitutional amendment, which the voters must approve in a referendum. However, our current governor says he would vote against the referendum, as he believes gambling is not a good way to fund education.

Alabama may be at risk of losing some of its federal prison funding if it doesn't respond to questions from the U.S. Department of Justice about sexual abuse.

Today, the Supreme Court will hear a climate change case that tests the limits of the Environmental Protection Agency's authority and executive power. Industry groups and Republican-led states are challenging a regulation forcing some companies to evaluate ways to reduce the carbon they release.

The closing ceremonies of the Sochi Games have begun. South Korea will host the next Winter Games.