The search continues for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The U.S. Pacific command is sending a black box locator to the southern Indian Ocean in case a debris field is found. 

A massive mudslide in Washington state has claimed at least eight lives. However, more than a dozen people are still missing. Rescue crews have been working through the night but have located no survivors so far.

This Wednesday, the Tennessee Valley authority will discuss progress in updating the utilities long-range energy resources plan and take up comments from the public.

After a first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament, no one came out unscathed, according to CNN. There will be no winner for the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.

Eminem is said to have smashed George Strait's 44.8 million mark to become the second best-selling male artist  of all time.

More than a decade of medical-related research by Tuscaloosa surgeon Dr. William "Skip" Pridgen has led to the start of a new biotech company, which could be close to findina a cure and treatment for fibromyalgia.

A new study by the Tax Foundation confirms Alabama's reputation as a low tax state, ranking 43rd among the states in state tax collections per capita in 2012.

While many planes have been sent to the Indian Ocean, where the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is believed to have possibly gone down, ships are also heading to two areas of the Indian Ocean where search aircraft from China and Australia spotted several objects which could possibly be debris from the missing airliner. The ships are expected to reach the areas by tomorrow.

A homeless woman is suing a number of celebrities, and she admits that the sole purpose for the suit is getting them to read her script, which she hopes will be produced by Disney.