One-month-old Jerry Wade Lee Minor is in critical condition after allegedly suffering multiple skull fractures, broken bones, and bruises at the hands of his father Jay Minor. The infant's injuries are so severe that he cannot cry. His father, Jay was jailed Wednesday on charges of assault and aggravated child abuse.

Thirty-three-year-old Miguel Juan of Northport has pleaded guilty of manslaughter in the shaking death of his infant son at their Green Village mobile home in 2010. With the plea, Juan avoided a potential death sentence and received 20 years.

Alabama residents have one week left to register to vote in the June 3 primary election.

A prison guard running against Governor Bentley says Alabama's prison system is at risk of a federal takeover because of severe overcrowding. Stacy George says that if elected, he would create a second parole board like Governor Riley did to expedite the parole of non-violent inmates.

South Korea's ferry tragedy has jolted many in the country into thinking about safety in ways they never have. It is said that safety transgressions have been almost universally neglected and overlooked.

A ferry  has capsized during a storm in a river in central Bangladesh. While there is no clear picture of exactly how many people may have been on board, at least 22 have been killed.

U.S. officials say freeing 276 Nigerian girls from an Islamic militant group is one of the U.S. government's top priorities, saying Boko Haram has no regard for human life.

Jay Z and Solange both accept responsibility for the elevator incident in which Solange attacked her brother-in-law. They say families have their problems, and they've apologized to each other and love each other.

New Michael Jackson music has been released, and some sources say there will be a surprise MJ moment at this weekend's Billboard Music Awards.