Community Service Programs of West Alabama is now taking calls for those delinquent on or struggling to pay their mortgages. Free information may be obtained by calling (205) 469-0388.

The State Board of Education has approved the appointment of Andrea Mayfield as president of Shelton State Community College. She had been at east Mississippi Community College for 18 years, including serving as a dean and a vice president.

Alabama Department of Corrections officials are refuting a report by a human rights organization that criticizes health care in state prisons, saying the that care provided in state institutions is better than what's available to most uninsured Alabamians.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is studying the value of electricity produced from small, dispersed sites, hoping to develop methods to set the value of distributed generation to the electric grid and the value of the grid to the small energy producer.

Senate Republicans have blocked an election-year attempt by Democrats to let people refinance their student loan debt at lower rates, saying the bill wouldn't have done anything to lower education costs or reduce borrowing.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds the polarization of American opinion has burst from the voting booth to affect people's choices of associates, a place to live and where to get information, with those who hold across-the-board conservative or liberal views doubling in the last decade.

The daughter of Casey Kasem has been authorized to withhold food and fluids from her ailing father, who said he did not want his life prolonged if he was mentally incapacitated.

Stevie J was released on a $25,000 bond yesterday after being arrested for failure to pay child support. His attorney denies the allegation.