According to Tuscaloosa City Schools, February is National Digital Learning Month, and the State Department of Education has set aside today as Digital Learning Day, with Tuscaloosa City Schools showcasing its technology-based activities. For more information, visit the Tuscaloosa City Schools Newsroom online.

In state educational news, legislators say Governor Bentley's plan to expand the state's pre-K program has broad support and will be approved by the Legislature.

Today, the Boy Scouts of America could vote on whether to open the organization to gay members and leaders.

Today, President Obama will hold candid discussion with Senate Democrats, hoping to get them on the same page with him when it comes to issues like illegal immigration, gun control, and averting spending cuts to the military and domestic programs.

Ttoday is college football's National Signing Day. Fox Sports reports that 4 out of the top 10 prospects have already committed to or expressed interest in Alabama.

According to CoreLogic, the national average of home prices were 8.3% higher in December than a year prior, and home prices in Tuscaloosa are on a steady increase. Latest numbers show a 1.8% increase in December, compared with a year earlier. In state news, Governor Bentley says his proposed budgets for the new fiscal year are slightly better than last year's budgets, saying that the state's economy is improving and allowing him to recommend more education spending. In other state news, the House Health Committee is scheduled to consider two controversial issues as the 2013 session begins, including a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana. Meanwhile, heavy fighting has erupted in Syria's capital Damascus, between rebels and President Bashar Assad's forces. It is said to be some of the worst violence to hit the Syrian capital in weeks. And in sports news, according to multiple reports, Lance Armstrong will not face criminal charges from US prosecutors after his public admission last month of taking performance-enhancing drugs.