The men were arrested last week and suspended from the Tide in connection to robbery accusations amongst other charges. As of yesterday, a hearing for the fourth man involved, Tyler Hayes, had not been set.


    • Tomorrow, the state's second severe weather preparedness sales tax holiday will begin and will run through Sunday. Sales tax will be removed from supplies such as battery-powered radios, weather radios, first aid kits, portable generators, and even plywood.


    •  In other state news, yesterday, the Senate Education Committee voted in favor or a school flexibility bill that would allow city and county school systems to opt out of state education laws. The bill could come up for a final vote in the Senate next week, and Governor Bentley says that whatever the legislature passes out is what he will sign.


  •  Governor Bentley also says that the state stands to lose 24,000 jobs if automatic government spending cuts kick in on March 1st, with the biggest impact being on defense-related jobs and the Huntsville area being the hardest hit.


  • State Health Officer Don Williamson told legislators that money will be available to fund our Medicaid program at a minimal level through next year, but he's not sure where the money would come from after 2014 to run the health insurance program.


  • Today, Vice President Joe Biden will speak at a conference in Danbury, Connecticut, which is just a few miles from Newtown. The conference is to push President Obama's gun control proposals.


  • In other news, a Taliban spokesman says his group will keep targeting government employees and other Afghans linked to the US-led coalition after the UN warned that such killings may violate international law.


  • Former Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown has been unveiled as Sharon Osbourne's replacement as a judge on "America's Got Talent."