• Frankenstorm, the unofficial name given to the late-season superstorm composed of the merging of Hurricane Sandy and two other storm systems is expected to come ashore in New Jersey today. President Obama has already signed disaster declarations for many East Coast states.

  • The East Coast storm is also said to possibly affect the presidential election as both Obama and Mitt Romney are trying to keep their campaign trails out of the storm. Yet, both are concerned about votes and maintaining a presence in the states. 


  • Last night, the San Francisco Giants won their second World Series title with a four-game sweep over the Detroit Tigers. The final game was a close one, though, with a one-point win in 10 innings.


  • Alabama is said to be still waiting for more than $70 million in payments from FEMA, linked to last April's deadly tornado outbreak. However, Art Faulkner, director of the Alabama EMA says we've already received $112 million from FEMA.


  • Halloween is just a few days away and this evening, the Alabama Museum of Natural History will host "Haunting at the Museum" a guided candlelit ghost walk around the Quad on the University of Alabama campus from 6 until 8. Discover for yourself if the museum really is haunted.