Have you ever noticed that mom and the kids never ask daddy what he wants for Christmas?  I mean I used to hear about what everybody else wanted for Christmas except me.  When I was a child I can’t remember asking dad what he wanted.  Now most dads will tell you depending on how many kids we have, know we are going to get socks, underwear, or a tie.  Now some of us will get lucky and get a shirt or a watch but for the most part dads list are have always been short.  My friends and I had a heated debate about the reasons for this this weekend and we all agreed it’s not from lack of love or respect. Most dads are the heroes and are looked up to.  We determined it is because we don’t hint or make a big deal out of we want or get at Christmas.  And for the most part that’s true we don’t.  This year let’s throw some hints and see if we can’t change things.  Good luck!!!