Tonight, I decided to take a break from Sprout to watch the BCS Championship Game. What a waste! I knew the game was over at halftime.  Of course I checked social media to see what everyone was saying, and the hilarity was well worth it. Everyone had a quip, and many Tide fans said they were headed to the stores that would be opening and selling championship gear following the game. Some fans said they were already at stores and that lines were wrapped around the building.

I grabbed my coat, and was headed out the door to canvas said stores and witness the hype first hand when I heard the first loud "BOOM" followed by another and another. My first thought was, "Oh, Lord! Somebody has shot another over a doggone football game." However, as the booms kept coming, I started to notice a crackling sound and realized that someone in my neighgborhood was shooting fireworks! The game wasn't even over yet!

Eventually, I began to feel as bad for Notre Dame as the fan of which EVERYONE seemingly caught a picture, with his head drooped and planted in his hand (Poor lil Tink Tink) and turned away from the game in favor of more bonding time with my daughter. And now, I can go to sleep with a great expectation for what tomorrow will bring as the celebration continues.