There are so many great organizations that bring a piece of home to our men and women serving in the military. But there’s one organization sending a ‘Roll Tide’ to those soldiers!

‘Tide for Troops’ is a non-profit organization that provides Bama t-shirts to our military. Justin Crisler started the organization shortly after the SEC Championship game to share his love for the Crimson Tide with those serving our country.

When I asked Crissler where the idea came from he responded, “After creating a design for a unique Bama Fan shirt (Can I get a Roll Tide?), I posted it on my other Facebook page and asked for feedback. Within 15 minutes I was contacted by a contractor working at a Post office in Afghanistan (Austin Strickland) who asked if it may be possible to send some of the shirts to an Alabama Based unit in his area. I immediately replied saying that I would make sure they all received one at no cost! The idea then took off and the community started sending donations so that I could fund the project.”

Photo courtesy of Justin Crisler
Photo courtesy of Justin Crisler

The response has been so great he is considering branching out to include other universities as well. First the SEC schools then they’ll move up to include every team they can. Eventually ‘Tide For Troops’ will become ‘Teams For Troops, Inc.’. As of today, over 1600 shirts have been sent out.

He also adds, “The community has been very giving. In order to afford the shirts and all the expenses that are included in getting them to Troops, we are always in need of more support to make this successful.”

To know more about ‘Tide for Troops’ or to make a donation, click here. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.