One of our favorite times of year is here: Tax time!

This is the time when many people ball out of control (and are often criticized by others for doing so) as tax returns are received. While it may seem a bit barbaric or "hood" to do so, in all actuality, it's a bit understandable, as a person receiving a tax return has paid more in taxes than his or her income warranted. Sometimes, people choose to have their taxes filed by a business or individual said to guarantee a maximum return, but these people often practice unethical methods that result in audits.

According to an article on MSN Money, the following errors are often made by people when filing taxes:

  1. Using a pen and paper.
  2. Selecting the incorrect filing status.
  3. Leaving money on the table at work.

The entire list has 10 areas where mistakes are often made. Read it here: