One of my biggest parenting fears is having a child that's ashamed of me. Right now, my daughter absolutely loves everything about me and has told potential suitors, "You can't have my mommy." (We had to have a talk about that one!) And I know there's going to come a day when she won't want me around; she's already pretty independent. I'm ok with that. I just don't want to be "that mom."  You know the one.... When she came to the school, all of the classmates whispered to the others about how "old fashioned," "raggedy," or just flat out "old-looking" ____'s mom was.  I already know I run the risk of being "that mom" because most moms my age have teenage children. Some are even grandmothers, and I'm walking around here with a three-year-old. *sigh*

On her reality show, we saw how clingy LisaRaye is as a mom.

But every now and then, I am sent a little reminder that even if I become "that mom," it's ok. Most children are ashamed of their parents at some point, as evidenced by this story in which First Lady Michelle Obama says their children don't want to be around them. However, the following is a list of things I am vowing to do/not to do to save my child unnecessary embarrassment. My mom never did these. So, I'll try not to as well:

  • I will not visit the school looking as if I don't care about my appearance.
  • I will not volunteer to chaperone every field trip or school event.
  • I will not try the new dances that my child and her friends do (in their presence) or try to show them the way we danced in my day.
  • I will not lick my finger before wiping anything off my daughter's face.
  • I will not talk harshly to my daughter with her friends around.

I think I'm off to a pretty good start. What do you think?