It's no secret that Tuscaloosa is a football town, but lately, we've been making headlines across the country for stupid stuff, the latest incident being the fight at the DHR.

Apparently, a recent altercation turned physical at the Tuscaloosa County Department of Human Resources building.  While the cause of the fight is not widely known, what IS known is that the people in the lobby where the fight took place had to scramble to keep children from being harmed.

News coverage:

Just a few weeks ago, it did not go without mention that Justin Ross Harris, the father of the child who died in the hot car, was from Tuscaloosa.  And let us not forget the infamous Waffle House fight.

Like much of the country, I too wonder why people feel the need to record street fights and share the footage via social media.  Also like much of the country, I watch more of them than I care to admit.  As sad as that statement may be, it's even more sad to me that a place where services are rendered to assist families wasn't safe, and if DHR had taken the children away from these adults (I mean, they WERE in the very building), there would have been an uproar about it when there's no one to blame but those in the altercation.