Have you ever wanted to jump into the screen while watching a movie and tell the actors what to do? I've found this to be more common while watching horror movies. People being chased by monsters, zombies, and killers seem to make some of the dumbest decisions!  And now, you can too!

According to this article, technology is now making haunted houses as realistic as actually experiencing a haunted encounter.  Pranks have become more believable.... and SCARY, thanks to technology.

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching many teen girls go running almost into the street before even going into the Main Avenue Mortuary.  The costumes and masks worn by the actors are down right eerie.  Their masks are seemingly custom fit.  So, when the person wearing the mask talks, the mouth of the mask really moves.  There is no separation between the person's face and the mask.  Then, the masks cover the neck and go down into the actor's collar, making the mask look so REAL!

So, if you're looking for a thrill that places you close to the line of peeing on yourself and passing out, the Main Avenue Mortuary just may need to be added to your list of possible Halloween events to attend.