The biggest game of the college football season so far goes down Saturday when the Alabama Crimson Tide travels to College Station, Texas to take on the Aggies. A&M and its Heisman Trophy winning QB pulled off an incredible upset against the Tide last year. Check out these highlights from last year's game to get you psyched for Round Two.

I'm ready for a GRUDGE MATCH, y'all. I am SO over anything and everything related to the cocky jerk that is Johnny Manziel. Is it wrong that I am eagerly anticipating seeing this dude get the YOLO knocked out of him by Bama's D?

TRICK QUESTION. It's not wrong. I heard CBS is going to have a "Johnny Cam" devoted to this arrogant kid so we won't miss a single inappropriate gesture or display of unsportsmanlike conduct. HOW LUCKY ARE WE? We get to hear Verne and Gary call the game and say "Johnny Football" literally eight million times AND we get an entire camera devoted to his antics!

Seriously--I am ready to see Alabama take care of business Saturday night in College Station. It's going to happen. It's going to be glorious. ROLL TIDE.