You know how I'm always talking about Ed Ramsey eating all the time?  Well, today he comes in with some jerk chicken and asks me to taste it; and yes, I murked it!

I guess my throat and nasal passages didn't like it because it came right back up. That's right, I just threw up while on the air.  No, there's not a little Jireh on the way.  The pepper got caught in my throat and sent a warmth to my stomach.  When I coughed, all of it came back up and wouldn't stop!  I feel bad because the chicken really was good. Ed is a GREAT cook!  But I had to let them know what happened, lest they'd put me on pregnancy watch, and ain't nobody got time to be trying to have another baby!

In other news, I can now breathe through my nose better than I have ALL YEAR!!!  So, if you're wondering what happened to me while I was talking about 30 minutes ago, now you know. O_o