In the days leading to the new year.... No, actually since just before Christmas.... I've received news of many deaths, some of which were at the hands of others.  I've often wondered what happened to the regard for human life, the one in which it was not uncommon for those who disagreed to possibly even result to violence but to live to tell about it another day.

I've always had a concern for my community, even before becoming a parent myself.  But since having a child of my own, it has become even more important to me to understand an ever-changing subculture, in efforts of finding a cause to counteract lest my child be the victim of a random, senseless killing.

One of my Facebook friends shared this article today, and I thought it was worth sharing.

An excerpt:

"Our babies are dying and many times due to obvious lack of expectation that a parent outlives a child, we don’t even have the funds to bury them. So who really pays the cost – the kid who did it, your kid, my kid or our kids? WE ALL PAY IT! YOU DO, I DO, WE DO! Your tax money is paying prisons that have the nerve to privatize services for profit while you can’t afford to buy healthy food or even fight off physical disease because this violent disease of “I kill you, You kill me” is spreading."

In Tuscaloosa, we've been dealing with our fair share of senseless killings in the last decade or so, which means that the mentality of an exiting generation was transferred to another.  At what point do ALL parents see it as OUR children and not "THEIR" children?


Special thanks to Jermaine Shakespeare for sharing this article.