When it comes to getting dressed, many of us have to pay extra for our clothing to fit properly or in a way that's most complimentary.  Shorter people have to have their pants hemmed.  Taller people (especially women) have the hardest time first FINDING pants that are long enough, and then once they find them, the pants are usually more expensive.

Women with small waists and larger butts have to have their clothes tailored OR walk around with a bunched-up belt.  Then, any woman that has EVER had to purchase something from the Plus section knows that an extra X equals an Xtra $20!

But rarely do you find women to discuss this common issue: tall boots for big calves!  I know some women that complain about their shoes being too wide or too narrow.  I know about shoes being uncomfortable, heels too high, etc.  But for a long time, I couldn't find a pair of boots that would fit over my calves. They just wouldn't zip! And my lower legs aren't fat at all.  I guess my calvesre just larger than most.

With this in mind, I went in search of tall boots with extended calves and found a number of sites where I could find them. And like most of my shoes, when I find a pair I like, I hold on to them for dear life until Fred at People's Shoe Renewal tells me there's nothing he can do (which has only been once, when I broke a wooden sole in half).

Happy boot hunting!