If you think steaks don't taste as flavorful as they used to, you might be on to something.
Feedlots have begun giving cattle a new drug with a curious side effect: It makes steaks less flavorful and juicy. But the drug, Zilmax, helps cattle bulk up on muscle in the last few weeks of their lives -- which brings in more money for feedlot owners.Zilmax was originally created to help people with asthma,but animal researchers found that it makes animals produce more muscle and less fat. That means there are more pounds of beef to sell, but the meat doesn't have that glorious marbling that turns a steak into a masterpiece on the grill. Zilmax is "a feed supplement that enables an animal’s natural metabolism to more efficiently convert feed energy to lean, healthy, delicious beef." But if you've wondered recently why steak suddenly seems more muscular, less fatty and a bit more bland, now you have your answer.