Apparently, Columbia University wants to change the stipulation of one scholarship that states that the recipient must be Caucasian.

I wonder why. I read scholarship applications all the time that state things such as, "This scholarship is for Hispanics/African Americans/Native Americans/Pacific Islanders etc." So, why is it such a big deal that the benefactor for this scholarship intended it for Caucasians? Are minorities supposed to be so up in arms about ONE scholarship when there are so many other there specifically designed for us? (By the way, "Black colleges" or HBCU's are not for Blacks only but were created to give Black people the chance to receive an education when they were prohibited from doing so at other institutions; and the United Negro College Fund was formed by groups who pooled their money to fund a student who might not otherwise be able to pay. Neither of these were created to exclude anyone but more so to circumvent a pre-existing system. Unfortunately, ignorance has caused many to believe these institutions and organization are racist against whites.)

I'm not in any way minimizing everything our parents, grandparents, and ancestors went through to give us the opportunities we're currently afforded, but who cares that ONE person designated to whom she wanted her money to go? Heck, if I had a scholarship, I'd designate who I wanted to possibly receive it, too. If it stated that a recipient had to pass random drug tests throughout the year, I don't think those that can't pass would be upset.  They'd just realize that THEY are not potential recipients.

Same concept.  I think that too many stupid acts are committed in the name of being politically correct.  Everybody is afraid to offend somebody.  I think a person/group that pleases EVERYBODY has no values whatsoever. You have to stand for SOMETHING!  And if you're giving money to push a particular cause, I think it's ok to say who you do or don't want to fund.

What do you think? Has the idea of being politically correct replaced values?  Are we all expected to be permissive to everything?