According to a recent survey, most Americans still own VCRs. *blank stare* Really?  Who are they surveying?  I promise I'm not trying to be funny, but I've come across NUMEROUS studies that say "most Americans" do this, and "most Americans" do that.   Never once have I taken part in any of the studies.  Neither has anyone I've ever known claimed to have taken part in one.

Furthermore, what the heck are the "most Americans" doing with their VCRs? Surely, they're not watching videos or recording any type of programs.  I'm almost certain, the questions were asked of people in attendance of an auction of antiques.  They probably took a survey of those people and then created a percentage of those that own VCRs out of those in attendance. That's the ONLY way anywhere near 51% of Americans still own VCRs.

I wish the people putting out this information would show how they came up with the statistics. SMH