Halloween! What can you say about Halloween except it’s the most exciting holiday of the year?  Think about it, who are you pretending to be at Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day?

At Halloween you can pretend to be anybody or anything you want to be including that alter you have been hiding all your life. Halloween is the only day kids can knock on somebody’s door fully disguised and get candy.

Let’s compare Halloween with the other Holidays. How many unusual food items are sold and consumed? How many different type costumes, props, costumes, decorations and pumpkins are sold during the other holidays?

The thing I love about Halloween most is I don’t have to deal with or shower non-immediate family members or friends with gifts or be friendly.

Halloween is the only holiday you can get away with scaring the kids and your better half on the regular for 31 days.

Be safe and have a fun this Halloween. Halloween safety tips.