Apparently, somebody got the bright idea to create plus-sized bikinis.  I can guarantee you it wasn't a man.  Anyway, the creator of these big a-- plus-sized bikinis decided that they also needed their own name: Fatkini.

First of all, just because someone makes something in your size doesn't mean you have to or even SHOULD wear it. Secondly, why not just call them bikinis?  I mean, plus-sized clothing aren't called fat clothes.... Well, not officially anyway.  Furthermore, if the creator wanted to give them a name that makes it clear that they're for larger women, why not Bigkini?

I'm not going to lie, some of the designs are quite cute.  However, the extra meat and fat exposure is not. Am I alone in this?  I mean, I'm a bigger girl, but I'm not nearly as large as the models in these ads, and I would NEVER wear one of these things, glorifying my giggly parts that are supposed to be more firm.  They say it's a matter of confidence, but I feel more confident knowing that while I may not be the most attractive whale woman on the beach, I'm definitely not the biggest butt of the jokes.

What do you think?  Are fatkinis an acceptable fashion choice, or are people doing too much to make EVERYBODY feel included?