While I was driving the other night I got real sleepy.  I’ve noticed that I often get sleepy while I’m driving.  Well I started looking for the reason. I didn’t find an answer, but what I did find I think is worthy of sharing.  I found an article comparing sleepy drivers and drunk drivers.  Which one do you think did worst?  The sleep deprived driver did worst.  Before we go farther let me express there is no excuse for drivers who get behind the wheel drunk.  They know they are drunk.  Most sleep deprived drivers don’t realize they are too sleepy to drive.  Every year, over 100,000 accidents and 1,500 deaths are caused by driver fatigue.  Lack of sleep affects reaction time, judgment and ability to concentrate.  A CDC study shows that 1 in 24 drivers fall asleep while driving and don’t realize it. That’s something to think about.